Background music for cafes and coffee shops

Create a cozy atmosphere by streaming music tailored to cafes, coffee shops, bakeries, and tearooms. Entertain your guests across your chain with an all-in-one music service.

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A continuous flow of background music

With neverending playlists, your place is always full
of tunes your guests love.

Pre-scheduled stations just in time

Stream cafe background music served special for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Pre-listening to choose
the best soundtrack

Listen to 30-second free previews before subscribing to the station.


Add your team members

Manage streaming music for cafes with your staff members! With multiple user access and remote control, you can play stations seamlessly during the day, from shift to shift.

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A B2B streaming music service for cafes and coffee bars

Meet Moodby Play, your customer engagement assistant! Discover a web platform and a mobile app with pre-scheduled music stations generated by local experts to put your customers’ in a good mood.

Get the right music on time

Focus on customer service while music entertains your guests. Run a pre-scheduled music station instead of getting distracted by switching songs. You play nonstop music, and the mood is changed from upbeat to relaxing during the day.

Benefit from the get-go

Get the most out of Moodby Play from the start! With a base subscription, you can browse and stream a wide range of multi-genre stations with background music for cafes and coffee shops. No limits, no semi-functional features.

Start streaming instantly

Playing music for coffee shops and cafes is as easy as making a cup of espresso! Sign up for the service in 5 minutes and enjoy a 30-day free trial with no additional equipment needed! You can stream the Moodby Play stations from any device - your smartphone or PC - connected to your audio speakers.

Play legally

Stay totally compliant with copyright law using Moodby Play as a music subscription service for cafes and coffee bars. All tracks on the platform are licensed for commercial use. Welcome your guests with the top hits, and stop worrying about being fined.

Most popular playlists
for cafes and coffee shops


Licensed music for coffee shops
and cafes

Licensed music for coffee shops
and cafes

Licensed music for coffee shops and cafes

Licensed music for coffee shops and cafes

Licensed music for coffee shops and cafes

How do you select food, beverages, and coffee beans suppliers for your cafe or coffee bar? Bet, there are dozens of criteria you consider! 

Royalty-free music streaming services offer unknown beats that can affect your sales as poor quality arabica or stale biscuits. And playing YouTube music from your business leads to huge fines from copyright owners.

Add a reliable music supplier to your long-term partnership list and open Moodby Play music stations with top-charting hits and classics of your choice! On the platform, all tracks are licensed for commercial use in public places.


Background music for coffee shops to succeed

A skilled barista beats automatic coffee makers. And playlists picked by local music curators conquer AI-generated selections. Add a pinch of good vibes, and a cup of excellent coffee will be associated with your place! Discover licensed music for coffee shops to entertain people in the queue and gain more attention to your coffee desk in the mall or on noisy central avenue. Relieve your staff members from switching songs as they have no time to manage a player. Moreover, some good music boosts your team's productivity during the day. Stream coffee shop background music remotely via your phone or tablet in all locations of your chain. Help your guests to make a habit of going to your coffee shop with good music tailored to your business. Retain customers and win new ones.


Background music for cafes to amplify your business

A stylish sign board and interior design matter, even for a local diner. The choice of the soundtrack can boost your brand's recognition and make your guests feel happy. Turn your cafe into a must-visit place for gatherings with friends, dates, or family Sunday brunches. Add a mobile jukebox to your menu to attract and retain customers! With the Moodby app, people can request music they love from a pre-approved playlist via their phones. Positive experiences convert customers into regular ones.


Enjoy a perfect blend of B2B features

Serve high-quality music for cafes that delight your guests! Moodby Play features a non-explicit filter to select the best family-friendly stations. All tracks are volume-adjusted to prevent too loud or too quiet sounds during playback. Keep the music playing offline even when there's no network connection. Additionally, you can control the cafe or coffee shop music in all your locations with one account.


Why is music important for a cafe?

Cafe or coffee house music suitable for your venue’s concept helps create and develop your brand. Whether people go to your desk to buy a takeaway latte or have lunch, they will remember “that lovely song” playing in your venue. Since customers want to relive pleasant experiences they have had in the past, you can use the best background music for the cafe as a competitive advantage.

What music license do I need for my cafe?

The type of music license you need to stream music in your venue legally varies depending on your location. But it must be a public performance license because playing coffee shop music in your headphones and the venue’s speakers is not the same thing.
Moodby Play provides you with licensed music for commercial use. Additionally, you should contact your local Collective Management Organizations (CMO) to obtain public performance licenses

Can I play Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, or YouTube in a cafe?

As all these music streaming services are designed for personal use, playing them publicly from your business violates copyright law. Plus, the artists whose music you stream will not get paid for their work. However, you can put some music from Moodby Play in your venue. It is legal for you as well as fair for the creators.

What music is best for a cafe?

You can't go wrong betting on jazz, pop, and instrumental tunes. Browse Moodby Play multi-genre stations tailored to your type of business to choose the best sound for your coffee bar or cafe. There are also Personal stations with fully customized playlists available. 

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